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What is DoH (DNS over HTTPS) ?

DNS one of the key protocols that allow the internet to work. Think of DNS like the phonebook of the internet. It allows your computer to know the correct IP Address of the website that you are requesting. When you browse to a website (e.g. your computer will use a DNS server to convert the domain name to a IP address (e.g. that your browser (Chrome/Firefox/Safari) can connect to.

DNS isn’t something that most people will configure or think about. Your DNS settings are normally automatically configured at the network level.

Some organizations will use DNS to apply corporate filtering policies to block sites that are both harmful and distracting to their users.

What is DoH?

DoH, published as RFC 8484 routes your DNS look ups over a encrypted connection using the HTTPS standard. This means that your DNS lookups are encrypted and protected from a third party listening in on your computers communication.

Both Google and Mozilla Firefox have plans to implement DoH as default in coming updates. This will better protect users from ISP’s and other third parties listing into your DNS requests.

While DNS over HTTPS is important it’s also important to note that this only protects DNS requests from within your web browsers session.

Advanced steps

If you want to spend some time you can configure and deploy your own DoH. This would give you the greatest control over who has access to your browsing history.

Steps to setup your own DoH

Already have a PiHole or ad-blocking server? You can take advantage of those services using DoH.

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